MERS (Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch)

Konsep awal dari MERS adalah untuk membuat kompensator variabel yang terhubung seri. Solusinya dengan  mengatur periode charging dan discharging kapasitor dengan merancang sebuah kapasitor dan 4 buah saklar semikonduktor yang dirangkai full bridge. Maka didapatkan 3 mode output dari kapasitor.

Pengujian MERS yang saya lakukan dengan menggunakan software PSIM.

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2 thoughts on “MERS (Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch)

  1. Hung Vu

    Hi buddy ! I am vietnamese electrical engineering in Hanoi University of science and technology and i have been researching this stuff for six month. it’s so great to know you care about it too. so, i have a suggestion. Can we discuss to each other to exchange our knowledge.
    My mail is :
    Great to work with you 😀

    • Hay Hung Vu!! Thank you for reading my blog. I am an indonesian electrical engineering graduated from Gadjah Mada University. What do you want to discuss about MERS? maybe I can help u. I have a final project about MERS which was applied to an induction generator connected to the grid.

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